New Tribute Song About George Boole

There is a new tribute song about English logician and mathematician George Boole (1815-1864), whose work foreshadowed the digital age, set to the tune of “The Bould Thady Quill”, available (in two versions) to download at

  • Monday, 2 Nov 2015, marks the bicentennial of Boole’s birth.
  • Boole did his best work at Queen’s College, Cork (now University College Cork), between 1849 and 1864, before dying at the age of 49.  Think Boolean logic, boolean algebra, boolean circuits, True/False, 0/1, and web searches with AND, OR and NOT!
  • The song is performed by ITA members Jim Flanagan from Ballyvourney, Cork, with Mike Simpson providing fiddle breaks of the concept relevant variety (The Mathmetician, a tune by Scott Skinner). Simpson engineered and did all the audio post production.
  • Like the song? Please donate to Cuanlee Refuge for Abused Women & Children (Cork, Ireland). Longtime Cork resident Boole was a big supporter of women in trouble.
  • Boole’s biography is by mathematician and humourist Des MacHale , who is getting an honorary degree from UCC, as is computer guru Don Knuth, today.  In recent weeks, Des has been known to break out into song and sing a few verses of this new song himself!